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My house

Posted by DragonOverlord2012 - June 13th, 2011

I made a permanent residence in minecraft out of bedrock. Notice the trapdoors at the front of the house that lead to a lava pit. Notice the flaming barrier that denies all other access to my house. Notice my flaming balcony. Notice the (very true) signs that say: ISAAC HUGHES HOUSE, and: NO UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS. Yes my house is impenetrable (like a nun XD). Also internet problem still not resolved.

My house


Fuck that shit up.

Not possible: bedrock is an object in minecraft meant to ensure players do not fall below the map. It is completely indestructible and only obtainable through inventory hacking. You could fill the house with dynimite and put 1,000,000 layer outside of the house and only destroy the surrounding area.

That is awesome... Found any wolves?

14 of them :D. I keep them in a pen to the right of my house until I explore and bring them with. I heard if you get more than 15 then enemy mobs stop spawning.

So... do wolves spawn on maps created before the Version 1.4 update?

Fuck that shit up
Naw I am just joking... Wait... you're not gonna kill me about it are you?

But seriously... I made a map around V1.3 and came across to update 1.4

Do wolves spawn on a map created before the patch?

If you hit the "force update" button they should. All my wolves were obtained legitimately, but If your having trouble use MCedit to make a wolf spawner. Night time will not be needed for the wolf spawner to work, but make sure you have plenty of bones so you can tame them.
P.S. I didn't fuck around with manicjudgement and I won't fuck around with you either.

Did you recieve my PM?

I do not believe I did.

There is a torch on the ground in far left. please pick it up.
i can't handle the mess!

I did pick it up, but I'm mot changing the picture.

Nay, brother. Fornicate under consent of the king thus excrement skyward.

Is this legal?

WTF? :P English dude...english. Not holy, or any other existing language (especially mandarin Chinese). Just english dude.

Wait... are you gonna kill me, or make me admit everything I have done THEN kill me? Decide my fate.

Also, I found 6 wolves!

I dicide during the moment

Also cool!