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Entry #29

Fuck newgrounds

2011-12-09 01:54:32 by DragonOverlord2012

Fallowerofhank was right: this place is nothing, but trolls and fucking disturbing animations. I'm sure those of you who do come here have noticed that I haven't done anything on newgrounds for a while, and that's because I've been on deviant art. No trolls, no disrespect at all. Just artists and writers (and the occasional GOOD animator) coming together as friends. People don't call one another "Faggots" or "Retards" there, and it's there I stay from now on. If you have a Deviant Art account then flee this wretched place. If you're a brony or a pegasister then I would suggest you do the same. Find safety with other artists. As for the rest of newgrounds: FUCK YOU ALL!


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2012-01-31 21:48:01

Look, we know that there are jerks, trolls, disturbing things and retards. I'll admit that there are a lot of things messed up around here.

I've learned that jerks will be jerks, and there is nothing we can do (actually we can complain to Tom if there is a troll, and the account is immediately taken down). Some people have disturbed senses of humor, some are just not right in the head, and some are... just plain weird.

I've learned that if you ignore them, they'll shut up. How do you think I survived 2 years of morons spamming? Sure, there are nice people that actually want to help, but there are idiots around here. Would you expect any more from the Internet?

All I'm saying is this: Ignore the trolls and the jerks and Newgrounds is a lot more fun.


2015-04-25 04:41:06